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Instruction Manual

Products’ instruction manuals are operated by Asada Corp... You can use them only if you agree to and accept the following contents.

*Refer to instruction manual in PDF format.

Threading Machines

BEAVER threading machine series Beaver 25( 2.6MB)
  Beaver 50( 3.8MB)
  Beaver 80( 4.0MB)
  Beaver 100( 5.0MB)
Bolt Machine Bolt Machine 25 Pro( 3.5MB)
Die-Heads Beaver Die-Heads( 1.2MB)
  Beaver Die-Heads (AT)( 1.3MB)
  Manual Die-Heads( 0.4MB)
Accessories Nipple Chuck( 0.4MB)
  Nipple Max( 0.4MB)

Cutting Machines

Band Saws Band Saw Beaver 4 / 4F Eco( 3.8MB)
  Band Saw Beaver 6 / 6F( 3.7MB)
  Rechargeable Band Saw H60 Eco( 2.0MB)
  Band Saw 222 / 22F( 2.0MB)
  Band Saw 32F( 1.9MB)
Pipe Saws Pipe Saw 200SP( 2.3MB)
  Pipe Saw 380S( 1.2MB)
  Pipe Saw 300 / 350 / 350A( 1.4MB)

Test Pumps

Electronic Test Pumps Electronic Test Pump EP440( 0.1MB)
Manual Test Pumps Test Pump TP50S( 1.2MB)
  Test Pump TP50B( 0.5MB)

Pipe Inspection Cameras, Industrial Endoscopes

Clear Scope Clear Scope Digital Series( 2.1MB)
  Clear Scope Eco 2515( 3.4MB)